Safety & Security


Drug & Alcohol Free Rides

For the safety of the members, the Fairfax VA #3698 HOG Chapter has strict No Alcohol/Drug Policy on all Chapter-sponsored rides.

Due to the nature of the rides, groups will often stop at restaurants, diners, bar & grills, and other businesses that sell alcohol. Nevertheless, alcohol/drugs are explicitly forbidden. If a rider is discovered to have purchased or consumed alcohol/drugs while on a Chapter Ride, the Road Captain(s) shall ask the offending party to disembark from the group immediately. Harley Owners Group® considers such stance the discretion of the Chapter, and per Fairfax VA #3698's policies, alcohol/drugs are strictly prohibited.

Often, the Chapter rides to restaurants that serve alcohol along with food. In such instances, the Chapter ride ends at the restaurant. These rides are considered "Destination Rides", and any riding done after reaching said destination is not considered within the scope of the original ride and does not fall within the policies described previously.

Riding a motorcycle requires significantly more concentration than driving a car or other 4-wheeled vehicle. As a result, Fairfax VA #3698 strongly discourages the use of alcohol/drugs while riding and does not tolerate such use during any Chapter-sponsored event. Our Chapter is one of the most active Chapters in the United States, holding an average of 2 rides/events per week throughout the entire year. In spite of the severly-limited COVID-19 riding season of 2020, Fairfax VA #3698 was still able to hold 86 rides/events. Needless to say, this Chapter simply wants to get out and ride, but is not going to tolerate anything can degredates the experiences that our riders enjoy.