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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password if I forgot it?

If you are not able to log in successfully use the FORGOT PASSWORD link under the login boxes. You will start the process that involves your being sent two seperate emails both of which require you to perform an action. If you complete the process successfully the second email will contain a new randomly generated password for your account.

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How to I change my password?


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I am unable to log in and I think I may have locked my account out. How do I fix that?

Patience. That is the only way to solve an account lockout. None of the officers can unlock a locked account. Simply wait 30 minutes and try again. You get five attempts before your account is locked out. If you try to log in before the 30 minutes passes the clock starts over.

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If my Membership has expred, can I still log in to the Fairfax VA H.O.G. Chapter web site?

A common reason you cannot log in to the Fairfax VA H.O.G. Chapter web site's MEMBERS ONLY area is that either your National H.O.G. OR your local Fairfax VA H.O.G. Chapter membership has expired. You must keep BOTH memberships current in order to access any MEMBERS ONLY privileged area of the Fairfax VA H.O.G. Chapter web site.

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