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Office Name E-Mail Address
Director Cliff Wilke director@fairfaxhog.com
Assistant Director Robert Diehl asstdirector@fairfaxhog.com
Secretary Jack Causa secretary@fairfaxhog.com
Treasurer Richard Johnson treasurer@fairfaxhog.com
Activities Allen Foster activities@fairfaxhog.com
Activities Dava Owsley activities@fairfaxhog.com
Activities Diane Struck activities@fairfaxhog.com
Community Relations Joe Livingood community@fairfaxhog.com
Editor Theresa Diehl editor@fairfaxhog.com
Historian Allen Aka Philip LeMessurier historian@fairfaxhog.com
Membership David Hodges membership@fairfaxhog.com
Membership Ray Riddle membership@fairfaxhog.com
Procurement Cory DuGuay procurement@fairfaxhog.com
Procurement Sean DuGuay procurement@fairfaxhog.com
Head Road Captain Marty Smith roadcaptain@fairfaxhog.com
Safety Tim Freese safety@fairfaxhog.com
Webmaster Fabrice Corbatto webmaster@fairfaxhog.com
Photographer Dean Beasom photographer@fairfaxhog.com
Photographer Raymond Joseph Diaz photographer@fairfaxhog.com
Photographer Michele Aka Cheley Marin photographer@fairfaxhog.com
Photographer David Windmiller photographer@fairfaxhog.com
Dealer Liason Ruby Lowe dealerliaison@fairfaxhog.com

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